Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nudge, nudge...

Well, she asked:

Can sandals ever be fun?

And it seemed/s a good opportunity for a plug:)

I'd have hoped... thought that it is entirely possible to introduce a variety of functions into anything, if you use a bit of imagination.

Heavens, how many times to we hear the old chestnut that kids prefer to play with the box than the present?

Hence anything that adds value, and especially second use, to any packaging design should be desired, attempted... and applauded.

I have to say my two have rather outgrown the brief distraction of some packside imagery, but are still not above reusing all manner of boxes, tubes, etc in all sorts of creative ways.

ps: Speaking of sandals and fun, if you have a decent idea to add to the free online plastics reuse competition currently on, the runner-up prizes are... recycled plastic sandals!

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