Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Buy one, eat one. Yes... FREE!

Not big on bans, but I have to say that this possible one is an exception:

The End of Buy One, Get One Free in the U.K.?

I have a study somewhere from my ad days that shows 'FREE' is by far and away the most potent word in the lexicon.

But it also had a breakdown of the other 'tricks', such as 'half price', two-for-one', etc.

Even the most ruthless and cynical seem powerless to resist.

But there really is no excuse between the two above. The result to the consumer is the same, and the amount of money per 'unit' of produce is no different, but one wins over the other through other factors. And they usually mean profits winning and planets losing.

I have a bee in my bonnet already on storage, especially in back of the fridge, and as we run down ours for our hols this is even more front of mind.

I really think we should try to get used to buying little, more often, and pay a fair price for doing so. And, if the right enviROI boxes can be added... locally.

That all said, the few comments in reply do bear consideration. Funny it's a US site talking about the UK.

Addendum - Supermarket offers and food waste targeted in goverment's food strategy

Aha... spoke too soon!

Telegraph - NEW - Food security cannot be debated properly without considering population density - Meanwhile, back at the more pragmatic, less box-tickophilic end...

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