Wednesday, August 12, 2009

NEWS/Commercial PR - A wind up

I share this having had a PR just in, for no better reason (and it's a good one, IMHO) than I like wind up 'leccy gizmos. My supply of same is growing, and as we pack for our camping trip a veritable clockwork cavalcade is being created.

Which has, just now... sparked an idea of my own.

Blurb (E&EO) from PR:

Slik Stik was invented by Denise Anstey - 2009 British Female Inventor of the Year. Following a major motoring accident leaving her significantly disabled, Denise set about designing an aid to overcome her personal challenges and in the process created an Eco friendly walking stick. Slik Stik is the perfect eco solution to anyone that uses a walking stick.
Fully rechargeable from mains and wind up
Slik Stik folds flat, but "pops up" as soon as you need it
Integrated front "search lights" and integral red strobe lights ensure that the user can see and be seen
Integrated alarm for attracting attention
Soft grip handle with integrated magnet for picking up dropped keys

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