Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blogger, feel thyslef

A worthy piece for all eco-types (mea gulper) who hit the internet to preach:

Conflict Materials in Electronics

Personally, I feel matters of crime are more at the door of government legislation and policing.

But it is also a worthy reminder that enjoying the fruits of technology always incurs a price. Whilst different, though related, on material issues I am monitoring the 'cost' of battery technology when it comes to rarer minerals, especially to feed multi-hundred kilo car units.

I have not run a proper enviROI investigation into the uses and abuses of PCs and the internet, emissions-wise, partly because I am sure others have/are/will, and are more qualified to do so.

But there is a part that doesn't want to go there. What if, by hitting the net each minute, I really am doing more harm than good? That's a few decades and a career down the drain.

Fortunately I have not, am and will not be too preachy, and accept some 'progress' and its consequences. Plus we do have the right to strive, over and above survive.

Plus I also factor in human nature, which many do not. Like the arguments on travel, it is plain silly to think the human will be content to stay in one place. Hence the aim has to be to mitigate that desire rather than stifle it.

Equally we love to communicate. If I am arrogant enough to presume that folk want to read what I write, I tend to believe that squirting it around by electrons beats printing and distribution still.

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