Thursday, September 10, 2009

From the 'Don't Go There' files

'Contraception cheapest way to combat climate change'

As I wrote that headline,... literally as well as figuratively.

Why do I suspect that many, currently active in the cc arena, will be studiously ignoring this option (which need not be Hitlerian or even Chinese in approach despite the rhetoric being stirred up) whilst generating a lot of heat and noise in more 'acceptable' areas?

And, ironically, for once find themselves supported from those at the other end of the spectrum. Strange bedfellows. Let's hope that the usual result of such a shared experience does not continue to haunt certain parts of the planet in 9 month cycles.

At least if Milibands D. & E. share a bath, there can only be a positive outcome. Though circling the globe in their Caravans of Carbon to extol such measures seems... quaint in comparison given the above.

And if if the likes of these inspiring leaders do decide to embrace this route, the thought of they and their extensive GOAT teams' hamfisted attempts to put this case in a way to engage support from the target audiences is too horrible to contemplate.

Next time the bros from the Westminster 'hood visit the Indian subcontinent, if they have solar DAB digital radios with 'em to give away... look out!

Treehugger - Contraception Five Times Less Expensive Than Low-Carbon Technology in Combatting Climate Change

It does all rather add up (or the reverse, really) to the human equivalent of my already noted 'not so much making oceans of artificial trees vs. not chopping down existing, real ones'.

Or, as 'The Sun Sez' - NEW - Carbon mating -Thatthey also have an entity called 'The Green House' was... novel. As this is an audience I believe needs addressing I have taken note, and added to the list, if rather dreading their take on the issues.

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