Wednesday, September 09, 2009


I have at last had to act to stop that darn buzzer.

Can't complain.

It is one that I myself have instituted.

It is there to remind to me to a) add at least one pack (+data) and/or an idea EVERY DAY to in future, and then blog it too (which will end up being twittered and a few other social net things too, by means I have long since forgotten and really need to find out about again).

This is because I have realised that the world and their goat (the boys want one having seen a pet of same in a French bar) have blogs and whatnot that share notions, ideas, etc, but very few create original stuff for these fine folk to point at or comment upon.

Now, that doesn't mean I won't be pointing all sorts of nifty stuff as well, but I do intend to stop weighing in so much on things that really just get my blood pressure up and really don't help (though shifting from some ill-qualified, often less than straight talkers to some well-qualified (by dint of self-evidently DOING), sincere DOERS and, their often terrific ideas or leads to better things.

Sorry this first is more of an 'why not' idea in waiting than anything special. But just patting comanies on the pack with +ve PR can make a difference.

Just Babel'd the product title and got: 'Saver d' Formerly'. I'm guessing that might mean it is a range intended for reuse. If so... kudos Yoplait.

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