Thursday, September 03, 2009

Wanted: One Napoleonic general.

Is successful innovation just dumb luck?

I am not sure who to credit this with, but I'll accord it to my old business partner who used it in my hearing first: 'Too many are content to be the first to be second. It's safer. The real excitement, and potential rewards, come from those who are determined only to be the first'.

Throw enough money, or people, at something, and it just might stick.

The real skill, and fun... and profit... is to come up with a great idea on a shoestring, and then get it to market on not much more.

I'm still working on the latter.

So I guess I'll accept whatever might help next. Even luck:)

But I'd also settle for a few less gatekeepers whose main function is to secure their positions by taking no risks, but also ensuring no one else around them might succeed where they dare not tread.

'No one got fired...' phoey. Think of what may have been if that attitude was stuck in a big blue hole.

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