Thursday, September 03, 2009

Words and deeds

India's middle class must cut its hot air emissions

30-plus degree heat, 74 per cent humidity
Inside, their air-conditioners run 24/7
India's middle class must cut its hot air emissions

Just juggled those 3 sentences around a bit, whilst reflecting on how lucky we are here to have the ability to use almost no energy on adjusting our surrounding room temperatures for more than half the year.

And then considering how, if means and money are available, being told one must not use them will go down.

So the notion of our Ministers flying hither and thither in the attempt seems, at best, quaint.

In writing the above and posting it on the blog, I was of course pondering my own experiences in Singapore (32 degrees, 99% humidity, 24/7), and the odds of me not using a/c whenever possible (actually, we did only use fans in our home). And on our recent camping trip round Southern Europe (40 degrees, if low humidity) I was the first to concede that, without it, we'd have died in the car (plus reducing the mpg by having the windows open, he hopes, guilt-stricken).

But I have been moved to coin another descriptive phrase; that of the the Monotonous Meddlers. These guys seem not only to have an addiction to sticking their oars in everywhere and all the time, but also do it with little appreciation for actual realities, consequences or, most tellingingly, the rampant hypocrisies of their often selective and too often arrogantly stated positions.

And if they are p*ssing me off, when I agree with the basic premise they are promoting if not the manner, then lord knows how their pronouncements go down with their targets and/or those not quite so enamoured with the rightness of their causes as they are.

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