Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Data Day

Postcodes: Adam Crozier letter

From MP Tom Watson.

From me:

I will follow this issue with interest: thank you for raising it. And for pursuing it further.

I think a nice balance between sympathetic commercial realism and community challenge on matters of 'public' data.

My website has a postcode location facility to help, amongst other things, people to locate each other to facilitate reuse swaps, etc.

I think I paid for that, a long while ago.

Now many folk, especially new registrants, are complaining that their postcodes 'don't work'. I'm guessing boundary changes or additions.

Now as a commercial business I can see how things that take money to create need to be compensated, but I do get interested when the ways such data are gleaned are less clearly defined.

And, as stated above, when there is a clear public benefit to having access to information about themselves.

I believe the Guardian has been on this case also for quite a while:

Taking a tip from another poster, as also finds itself followed in, but (until now, for monetary reasons, poorly serving) the USA, this is pretty significant, and cheering:

Federal Register in XML

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