Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lions lead by Mynah birds

Just tweeted this. Decided it warrants a post.

Obama could go to Copenhagen, but only if the talks go well

Statesmen? What are they...11?

'In other words, if everything goes well, and it is clear that a historic climate agreement can be reached, president Obama will be prepared to turn up to share in the glory. If the meeting looks like being a horrible mess, ending up in acrimony and recrimination, we should expect the president to keep several thousand miles between him and the smell of failure.'

Mind you... 'Mr Brown said he would definitely go to Copenhagen, and urged other leaders to do the same.'

If any other 'leaders' learn from history, they'll keep several thousand miles from the smell of failure, too.

Newsnight - Ethical Man - Climate conference 'set to fail' (at least the headline is the less dramatic way round this time)

Is 'set to' the same as 'will'?

Anyway, interesting, as I read this the same day, coincidentally in the FT

Obama could go to Copenhagen, but only if the talks go well

I'm guessing that might mean a 'with regrets' RSVP then?

No photo-op, no President? All those Nobel gestures in vain, too.

When expectations get pre-managed too much, the outcome seems seldom optimal.

I am sure that if he passes he will be sorely missed, especially by our PM.

Enjoy the trip to America.

I forgot to add... 'again... and it's such a pity the BBC has no US-based reporters', as there is a certain irony in the sheer number of times a BBC employee ethically flies in the name of green 'awareness', especially in the name of get upwards of two readers... often.)

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