Friday, October 02, 2009

PR OPPORTUNITY - Another road trip, another possible chance to attract the media

Making and mending around Britain

Fresh from Ethical Man, it seems Newsnight is on the green trail again.

This one seems quite proactive and 'Doing-oriented', so worthy of waving at them in passing. Let's see if we can attract their attention before they hit London. Host Mary Jane Baxter is getting/generating a fair bit of coverage...

Here's our pitch:

Oh, it is not a passing trend. We have been advocating reuse as not only helping planet, but saving pocket, too: And when such as the Guardian ask to help run a national reuse competition with them, then it can only be a good sign:
Already netted some notions from the sublime:
To the frankly so simple, why didn't anyone think of it before?...
So when you're swinging through the West Midlands (though the route on the map seems a bit East-centric), do pop by, a lot can and does happen here...
And, if you're quick, we have an entire cosy cottage you can use as a base (aged parent off to care home and being marketed to let as we speak). Always welcome a hand, along with a boost, here.
Oh, and if it is mainly about fashion... Vac:Sac anyone?
Or a repair.. ps: You might even find out how to save some money on fuel as well.

Fired off a hello. Let's see what results. Let us know if you apply/get coverage, too. If you do, please 'gis a mention if you found it here. I was soooo tempted not to mention and keep it to ourselves.

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