Thursday, November 12, 2009

PR OPPORTUNITY - Here come de judge

Like I always say, as he asked...

'Take a look at Mashable’s list of 75 green tweets and see how many you would really want in your Twitter window every day.'

Green web awards: upwards, onwards

I was grateful for that list, and pleased to add a few more I did not already have.

But you are right, a few really didn't seem to float my boat at all. Not to say some were not sincere or well done, but I found many that resided at the two extremes that frustrate me most (other than the two at each end of (A)GW), either preaching to a very faithful hairshirt flock in such a way as to repel 'liter' greens still keen to find out and change, to high-end fashionistas way above my pay grade. I am more Fiesta Family on a Friday Tesco run for the whole week rather than Prius Person using the wicker basket bike to get organic veg for a dinner do at the weekend Devon retreat.

Personally (and flying a wee selfish, self-promo flag here), I think (and hope) the future is in the hands of those who seek to inspire rather than hector, reward rather than punish and educate/entertain rather than strike fear or promote guilt.

It's a great world. We should enjoy every moment of making it even better, even when we are rolling up our sleeves to help support it while in need.

Thinking back, I believe I entered Hope this little effort hasn't scr*wed our chances

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