Thursday, November 05, 2009

RE:trograde steps

Been a bit distracted of late. Sorry.

Mainly on a major competition entry, though after the last few I am not sure why I bother; where green judges heads are seem seldom the same planet I am operating to save.

The intense nature of this has meant my only 'blog breaks' have been scattered and short, so I have vented more on the twitter page. Worth staying abreast.

However, here I return, and not with good news... at least of others.

When you beaver about town on foot or bike you notice a lot more, and can stop more easily.

And so I have come to mourn the passing of some iconic re:initiatives this week.

First up Spokes, who old me the very bike I use now. A great idea for both planet and local employment.

Then RE:Box, to whom I contributed name and design. Sadly no more.

But there are glimmers of green shoots. 'The Can Do Crew!' is a force to be reckoned with, and rethreads are out and about and collecting textiles still, which new systems can or will not.

Both proudly using the names I coined and logos I created for them.

For a looooong time more, I do hope.

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