Friday, November 27, 2009

A subject dear to my heart

In so many ways!

Waste is a potential resource, not a problem

As a passionate advocate of reward over fine, nanny, guilt, scare, etc, all of which have worked so well with the public so far, I have to concede a cautious welcome to the principle at least.

But... shopping vouchers? To go and buy yet more stuff to throw away?

As some here have raised, reduction and reuse remain ahead of recycling in the waste hierarchy, so at the very least make the incentives as pertinent as they should be tangible. Discounts on energy saving schemes or items, maybe. Points towards big ticket items that lead to further savings, such as:

Or, if legal, allow aggregation and/or transferability, for compo or as a donation. I'd be happy to allow my 'points' go to buying a match-funded boiler for a pensioner over most tax-gouging redistribution schemes in the name of green that seem to be flying about (or to Copenhagen) from many in high office and held in low esteem at the moment.

Also encourage reuse at every turn:

Better yet, encourage getting it designed-in:

All IMHO, better than an addiction to recycling which, as a last resort, is fine, if done properly:

I remain unclear on where all this box-ticking, target meeting recyclate ends up. Better than landfill to be sure, but... where?

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