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TWEET 'N LOWDOWN - I see you one, and raise you one

I guess the 'big' story yesterday was the generosity and statesmanship of our PM.

Time will tell where this money comes from, where it goes to, whether it is used wisely and well, and what % gets redirected in the name of green if not for it.

I start with a post I made to Newsnight:

Headline: Why micro wind turbines don't work (with relative directions of vanes on weather cock and turbine in telling complement)

Text: In most urban locations in Britain wind turbines simply do not work

And folk wonder why the public are cranking eyebrows. There is what we know, there is what we don't, and there is what we are told. Seldom is this done without a narrative being enhanced or an event being interpreted.

Which becomes pertinent, and key, when it comes to what we are told*, especially about vast amounts of money to be dedicated to 'solving' things, which seem a bit shy on detail as to what, specifically, and how measured to assess enviROI, etc. Numbers do matter, even as science gets settled (if often in creative ways), and passed on by those we pay, and trust to be our guides.

It makes a nonsense of the claim made by the Energy Saving Trust,

But I am glad I persevered, as there was much to ponder of value, and I appreciated the maths lesson. Makes me wonder why such calculations are often beyond those who claim (all dutifully passed on by those copy-typing press releases as 'reporting') that 'such and such 'could' power 1/2 of 'so and so' for 'free' (exc: construction, operation, maintenance, repair and disposal).

And there is also the power of editorial, often, possibly, via omission:

3. At 9:01pm on 11 Dec 2009, simon noble wrote:
You forgot to mention that those big wind turbines are also erratic, so you need a big back-up source of power to manage the lows.

One just has to hope that, when given the massive importance of the basic intent to reduce GHGs, and the vast monies involved in securing that laudable aim, those with the power to take and dispense the funds in securing this, plus those tasked to hold them to account, know what the heck they are doing.

And are guided by honest, unselfish influences and not the lures of personal advancement, ratings, career influence, lobby-influence, bonuses, targets and box ticks.

*Clarified, often, only after the the hyperlink and/or in the small print.

As you'll gather, I appreciate a done deal when I see one; I just express the hope that it will be upfront and accurate.

And.. reported with competence and objectivity. I have this slight concern the media are every bit as much a part of the problem of public understanding and engagement.

guardianeco - Gordon Brown bangs heads and crunches climate figures in Brussels - as he is so good with numbers here

climatebiz - What's Keeping Climate Investment Out of Africa? - maybe that money in Africa often doesn't end up where intended?

UN - UN online tool allows people to track nations’ pledges on climate change - as to delivery...?

JaymiHeimbuch - RT @planetenvy Rainforest Nations: We'll Drop Deforestation Targets if Rich Don't Put Money on the Table: - Blazing Saddles anyone?

kate_sheppard - Stern: "We have to combine science and pragmatism." That.. would be nice

timesonline - Gordon Brown and Nicolas Sarkozy: banks should pay for climate change - No reward for failure! Thank heavens I have very little in the bank. Mainly due to Mr. Brown p*ssing money away on things that don't work.

DowningStreet - PM: Excellent result in Brussels - got EU up to £6.6 billion for developing countries over next 3 years. Big boost for Copenhagen - like a drunk at an auction trying to impress the girls in the onlooking crowd

wwwfoecouk - Press release: EU barely budges an inch on climate: Commenting on the conclusion of the EU Council today, Friends o... - sometimes twitter can throw up reasons to look around for more...

ThinkPolitics - EU agrees climate pledge that may boost Copenhagen - and end up scratching your head

iaindale - Blogpost: Cost of Insuring British Govt Debt Rises by 1000% in 2 Years

guardianeco - EU set to double climate aid for developing countries to €2bn - Game, set and fudge?

TheIndyNews - UK giving £1.5bn to climate fund - we are a giving sort, apparently

the_ecologist - A toothless cap-and-trade scheme is a planetary wrecking ball - let's see what we get

Meanwhile, in other tweets:

GuyKawasaki - The Six Twitter Types - Modesty prevents me assessing my self

fivenineteen - RT @twitwalk "To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk." ~ Thomas Edison #quote #creativity #green #recycle (via @quotme) - like, I need to explain:)

ChristianaCooke - A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be. Albert Einstein - like, some in science might need that explained to them, before they get too 'settled'

Ecosaveology - Google opens satellite images, tools, to study deforestation:

mickwill - I can't believe it! Just got up at 5.30 to get taxi to BBC Centre & they just phoned to say I'm not on at 7.20 now. GRR! - The joys of dealing with our media

jimpenny - - I save and reuse my false eyelashes, I care about the planet! (via @theboygeorge) - every little bit helps? I am presuming irony at play.

guardianeco - A £480 train ticket to Copenhagen makes it hard to care about the climate | George Monbiot - No, it makes it harder to trust and/or believe in hypocrites who say one thing and do another. It's different. And rubbish pricing on more eco transport options is not mutually exclusive with caring that the bozos making decisions seem to be 'selective at best'.

mickwill - If you want to know if your boiler is g-rated for the Boiler Scrappage scheme, you can check here - talk is cheap, knowledge is power, action is golden

wwwfoecouk - Safe #climate news: Helen Baxendale heading for Copenhagen: Actor, mother, campaigner calls for justice - Bless, in so many ways

thegoodhuman - Wondering this morning if all of us writing about environmental issues does anything in big picture. What should we be doing instead? - My shed beckons

LilGreenFingers - New blog post where I get a bit cross with Kirstie Allsopp and her gilded pears... - There's making and mending, and there's buying in posh shops, making and suckering daft luvvies, or not

timesonline - RT @Times_Live Is Man largely responsible for global warming? Join our live debate at 1.30pm today - I did. It was a zoo

richardbranson - Have a read of my views on @Virgin_Galactic ethics on @virgindotcom -props for stating his case. Not asked or tasked once by the MSM

futerra - Ed Milliband on C4 using #sizzle message "we need a positive vision, let's sell dreams not nightmares". - Now, where did he end up at that notion? Guess we won't be seeing the ASA-referred, inaccurate, scaremongering ActOnCo2 bedtime story ad again, then?

journalismnews - PDA: ‘Algorithms will replace journalists’ - speaking of our mighty 4th estate... Well, it can often seem that much reporting these days is mainly cut and pasting of press releases with little checking or critical oversight.

MoreEco - Eco News - Budget to include electric car tax break: Company drivers who choose electric cars are to.. - now, about the green 'leccy generation and distribution

Greengamma - 'Dirty' battery cars 'make more CO2 than they save' - see the issues,

myzerowaste - My Zero Waste is up against Guardian ethical living and You Gen 4 best green site. Please vote 4 us! - sadly, nor Junkk Male RE:view were not deemed worthy*. But MZW was, and as she is also a contributor of ideas (and winner) to the site, she gets my vote:)

adamvaughan_uk - Voting is open for the @greenwebawards - go vote before 31 Dec [disclaimer: I was one of judges who shaped shortlist) - *all comes clearer. he's not a fan of greens who crank eyebrows:)

GlobeGuard - RT @packagingdiva: A perspective about why #Packaging reduction goes out of the window at Christmas @ - I find this site great for scoops on ppackaging to help RE:tie

..and finally, as we are a reuse advocate and it's Xmas...

CAGW - Make a Gift Bow Out of Scrap Paper:

And that's just the retweets in a day. I really can't be bothered to go through all the others I favourited, as they are usually the contentious ones, and really, life is too short.

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