Wednesday, December 09, 2009

TWEET 'N LOWDOWN - S****page!

Sorry for that headline.

It's not what you think, but merely a media trick to get more folk reading... did it work?

I wasn't expletive deleting, but in writing that was reminded that it would be on the website, which has a rather over-enthusiastic 'swear filter' that takes out anything it think innocent eyes should be spared.

Anyway from yesterday's twitter surf RT/save collection, the dominant story that caught my eve had to be the boiler scrappage initiative introduced in Alistair Darling's pre-budget wassname.

About the only good thing there, as it's hard to find much else when 'we' owe' billions, if not more already.

But this one makes sense. Subsidy money is being given away left, right and centre, and this seems to be a rare 'win-win', with it going to reductions and efficiency increase, and hence lowered GHGs and reduced expenditure for those who can ill-afford it.

I just hope this government actually has the money to do it.

guardianeco - Boiler scrappage plan aims to help 125,000 householders - AIMS?

IndyPolitics - Boiler scrappage scheme unveiled

hmtreasury - An extra 75,000 households will benefit from an extension of the Warm Front scheme #pbr09

MRW - Chancellor announces boiler scrappage scheme in Pre-Budget Report

I also was keen to crank an eyebrow here:

solarguy2034 - In Copenhagen, Stores Heat the Streets: To encourage Christmas shoppers, many stores in Copenhagen leave their .. as has noted, and suggested a response, more than once before.

Then there was this, for no better reason that on my last visit t'other day my Mum did not recognise me for 30 minutes:

jerryjamesstone - Scientists Working on Cure for Alzheimers Invent Self-Cleaning Solar Panels (Now Just Cure Alzheimer's Please) - Amen

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