Friday, January 29, 2010

Blown it

Not the Daily Mail.

The BBC.

Driver fined 'for blowing his nose'

I am sorry, the world has indeed gone mad.

But more seriously, we now have laws of either such vagueness or framed deliberately to be catch-alls that basically one can be busted for anything, anytime.... because someone feels like it. Remember, the AG seems to have flipped between illegal to legal in a heartbeat ... on going to war.

And we now have retroactive laws being flung about with more heft on matters of money than on terrorism.

The law... is an ass. And many, too many, involved in it, are a**holes. Which means one, fatal, inevitable result: we will cease to respect them, and hence the law.

And it will not matter if, as I suspect, this idiocy is quietly dropped and all involved slink away to grumble before trying it on again. The damage has been done. All for £60 (rising with each challenge on validity, a totally disproportionate piece of official extortion that does not apply in the other direction).

Hope they think it worth it. I'm sure, for some reason, like what seems our entire civil self-service, there will have been bonusses involved.

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