Friday, February 12, 2010

A rest is as good as anything for a change

Yeah, yeah.

Been off the radar a while.

Well I will be a while longer.

Only, this time, with an excuse.

Just stuck the boys on the coach, again to Germany, but this time for an exchange visit.

I hope their German improves. Signs aren't good. Last weekend I called their respective hosts and stumbled through my 'O' level best in greeting. In both cases there was a pause, followed by a polite 'Would it be easier for you if we spoke in English?'.

Anyhoo. They are gone for the week. So the missus and I are too. First romantic getaway in 14 years.

But also a time for us to reflect on stuff, especially where are are, and going.

I am a chunk to be on the future And RE:tie.

There are a few more awards pending, plus some irons in fires.But profile doesn't pay the rent.

I think some more tweaks on what folk 'get' when the land at are required, especially with all that such as twitter can lead to.

But at it's core it will be unchanged, and I am not sure it needs to..

Packaging Update

Well, I share your bias, obviously. And your enthusiasms, too.
And if the growing archive is to be a guide, many others do too, especially when it comes to the potential of margarine tubs.
One might wish imaginations might run wilder, mind, from those sparking ideas to those building them in for second use.
I am also amazed how coy many who have got a great story to tell, and share, are.
For instance, on that nice, big red, Celebrations container I bought my kids for Xmas is tucked away that it can be reused in the microwave or freezer.
How cool (or hot) is that! Yet, as far as I am aware, merely popped on a label at the side.
No effort to coordinate those in the community who may have one and not need it with one who doesn’t and has a use.
Oh, hang on…

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