Thursday, March 11, 2010

PR COVERAGE - Hurd, and quoted

If something interesting cops up locally I do like to visit.

So an invite from Conservative PPC Jesse Norman to Hereford to hear Nick Hurd (who was responsible for its passing) outline the Sustainable Communities Act was too good to pass up.

Can't complain if you don't take the pain (well, the hit of a round trip and a few hours).

Little did I know might also end up in print as well.

Nick Hurd MP visits Hereford city

My greater concern was that this might simply add more to an already crowded scene dominated by a frankly tiresome bunch who have already bored me away before, plus doubts on how those who love power might be persuaded to relinquish it.

However, there are some aspects that appeal, if they can be done right, and I will try to stay on top of it.

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