Thursday, March 11, 2010

Talk, talk... and, then...

Telegraph - The Tories have listened to James Dyson's advice – now they must act on it

Possibly a few fewer ‘Heads of’ at entities might also help.
I was inspired by county councillor over at another post who bet ‘a pound to a penny’ on the matter of quangos, and it seems apposite here, too..
It is my experience that in this era of spin over substance, £1 of funding usually does end at about a penny delivered to the intended beneficiary once every entity in the process has built its empire, stuffed its board, created the pension pot, established regional outposts and hired consultants to assess and dispense.
Why most bother wasting their time applying and simply leave this lot to bask in their own bubbles is beyond me.
Let us see if what is talked gets walked.
Which reminds me, I downloaded the report, but at 57pp have yet to get around to reading it. Which I must.

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