Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Gravel/Argon Battery?

One of the holy grails of renewable energy has always been just how to store energy from what are inevitably intermittent, and variable, sources of power; from the likes of wind turbines, photovoltaic arrays etc.

This sounds rather far fetched, and my initial reaction was - it will never work - but reading through the article from the Guardian in detail had me thinking ....... well, they might just be onto something here.

Worth a perusal.

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Peter said...

Well worth checking out.

Also nice to see some positive critiques in the comments.

Dave, tx for keeping the blog 'alive'.

I have been a bit obsessed with twitter of late, but in so doing have gleaned a backlog of great topics and URLS to share here soon (which does then go out on Twitter anyway).

RE:tie has also distracted me. With luck, big news there too.

And, finally, Junkk.com is getting an upgrade, at least to the homepage, and not before time.

Hope it is all not too little way too late.