Friday, June 11, 2010


Notice anything different about

We have not been idle these last several weeks, and have had a bit of a tweak with the home/splash/landing pages to, we hope, improve and add a lot more content, explanation & ease of navigation in future.

Here's a quick summary:


As mentioned, we have amalgamated a few pages in one now.

Originally, new users would 'land' at a fairly simple, 'homage' to Google's home page that aimed to seduce one and all into the many wonders of via a more extensive, subsequent 'home' page with site navigation bars, buttons, etc.

Now these are all in one. Still similar to the previous in almost every way. Just... it's a bit longer with more 'up front' now - needing scrolling to view all on offer - but, we trust, more than familiar to many other sites you use, every bit as familiar, and easily intuitive.

So, what is there...? Starting from the top:

Top Nav Bar

Pretty much the same, but as the most popular and unique feature, we've highlighted the link to ''Ideas" up there to get straight to it (do note that any as yet unregistered users will need to either accept the t&cs each time or register to view in future without reminder hassles).

All the rest of the main sections are still there in the grey bar, and hyperlinked to their pages.

Left Nav Bar

Getting all 'Web 2 and a quarter' (or .25 to our metric cousins) we have added some nice, big icons to invite staying in touch via most of the popular avenues there are these days:

email - A Feedburner invite to get email notifications of blog posts like this.

twitter - A link to the JunkkMale tweets. These mainly cover eco stuff but can wander into ads, design, music and even politics. Maybe be time for him/me to split these others off now to avoid confusion. In theory, posts here in Blogger should get auto-tweeted, but if they do I seldom see 'em, at least UK time. Maybe that's a good thing to reach audiences in other time zones.

- A link to the Facebook page 'Here's One I RE:made Earlier', which was originally created for a competition but can now serve as the FB base. With luck we can get it more active from now on. Sussing out all the FB opitions being kinda a priority, then, I guess, for me. But boy is it complex!

LinkedIn - More 'business-orientated', but still a great networking link, especially for any keen to hook up with more commercially.

YouTube - We have a few videos up already (some for Junk, others for related aspects), with more planned, so this is where they will be archived.

Plus there's a spiffy extra social networking set that seems to cover 'all the rest'. No clue yet ourselves what half of 'em do.

Next there is the familiar 'My Junkk' that remains unchanged, to handle your account, ideas, posts, etc on once registered.

RHS Nav Bar

This remains unchanged, and is for our use.

It was/is actually intended for button ads, along with banners top and bottom and a skyscraper at extreme right. We just haven't got our media sales/admin sorted out yet, and at the moment there's just some Google Adsense placements operating.

Currently there is a link to the blog (here) and to the new RE:tie (our actual patented, multi-international award-winning) second use design re:evolution.

Centre Section

All change here too, but with a few old friends returning, and with luck now glitch free.

At top is a quick summary of the site, along with a video visualisation which hopefully explains it all in a nutshell.

Next we have the welcome return of the two 'latest' update columns, whereby if a new idea or blog post is added, these become the landing page 'top news'. All of which should make for a fresh & constantly refreshing home page on a regular basis.

Then we have added a 'free text' section for us as the site editors, to offer up news that we think is worthy of front page treatment. Comprising a picture section at left, and headline/text/links to its right, this will be for such as the reuse competition we carried not so long ago.

There are, of course, opportunities for 3rd parties to ask us for a shot at this slot, which we are happy to consider... if the story, or cause is good. Or, better yet... for money:) Rent to pay, family to feed, etc. As the 1st stop on for new and existing users, it is quite valuable media real estate.

Hyperlinked Main Section " 'Bin There, Going Here" icons

A reprise of all the main sections you may wish to scoot to.

Bottom Nav Bar

A collection of all the previous, useful, links you may need.

All bouquets welcome. Brickbats... well... happy to hear any constructive critiques to improve next time. But as many favours called in and budgets we don't have blown to get to this far... it may be a while:)

So, please... enjoy the new, we hope even more improved...!

Addendum: Kid... candy store. It might not progress, if not end well. I have just discovered Blogger has a new design (well, templates) feature. It may take a while to 'settle'.

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