Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Strategic Thinking

As I write ( I may post later to let the last entry have an 'outing'), twitter is 'down'*.

Actually, it's down, out for the count and the towel is on the ring floor.

It is busted. An ex-medium. You get the picture.

I am sure it will be back, of course, but my trust factor in its reliability is further dented.

No biggie in the great scheme of things, and churlish to get too snitty about a free service, but it has set me to thinking.

Quite a lot of creative content eggs in a few baskets that I don't own, and have no control over. Not just when it comes to accidental issues, but also more direct policy ones: if the guys who own the pitch take exception, you lose not only the future, but also a ton of blood, sweat and words & images from the past.

And while twitter has inspired this introspection, I am well aware that what I am writing this via is pretty much in the same boat. And at 4,000 odd pages of thoughts and wisdom over several years, that is sobering.

Now I know that there are back-up options out there, and I really should start trying to figure out the best and engage asap, but my ITiocy does intrude.

Plus that gosh-darned laziness thing. Because, in addition, I am thinking that all source material should start at the website and radiate out (preferably automatically) from that. At least I own i, and can blame no one but myself if things get lost on its watch.

*Mashable Explains

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