Friday, September 10, 2010

PR COVERAGE - Mate's Rates

As some may know, enjoys a healthy relationship with Poundland.

You know, the retail phenomenon that seems to be almost unique in going from strength to strength, somewhat against the trend?

The one that does seem to have pegged what consumers want these days?

But for all their commitment to value and savings on the pocket, they do ponder deep and long about ways to help make the planet a tad nicer place to be, too.

Which is why, a fair while ago, having seen a stand plugging RE:tie at a show, they liked what they saw enough to want to help in our mission to encourage reuse.

So they popped our URL on their packaging. And from this end, we can testify to just how that has caught on with their customer base. Folk like the notion... A LOT.

Well, just as we had a cheery call that made our Friday a while back, we've just had another.

Look who has pride (well, bottom left, but it's right next to the sign-up) of place on their website homepage:)

Nice to be loved. And to be rated so highly via such an endorsement, compliment and complement from such a successful business.

Maybe we are doing something right, as well as good, after all.


Anonymous said...

Thats how I found you, on a label from halloween stuff I bought from Poundland.

Peter said...

Welcome Anon!

Thanks for making the leap from a label to the site.. to the blog.

Hope we can make things worth the effort.