Monday, October 18, 2010


Actually, it's a competition to intro a new website.

And it's one in our 'hood - Herefordshire & surrounds.

Not sure how well populated it is, as a lot of folk (including are not included who could/should be), so it's also an opportunity to bring 'em up to speed.

Tell 'em sent you. Maybe they'll realise we're here... and have been for a while.

And here to help:)


anita said...

The Council could save a great deal of waste (and possibly money) by linking up with - lets hope they do!

Peter said...

Tx Anita:)

Sadly, as yet, no addition of our URL that I can see.

Maybe, having gone to the expense of creating another website, they have run into some problems funding the populating of it.

I'm pretty sure with a wee grant to help fund a few assistants here, I could have quite a thriving entity going.