Friday, October 15, 2010

Number Crunching

Sometimes things make you think.

And sometimes folk make you think you need to think more.

A few weeks ago, in my local paper, I saw the headline 'Well done for recycling 25 jumbo jets off waste', and was frankly, impressed.

It was a letter to the county's public by the Environment Cabinet member, celebrating the 5,000th tonne of waste collected for the EnviroSort facility.

Certainly, other than that sidelined here for reuse, our household has 'done it's bit' with the new wheelies.

But then I read a follow-up letter the next week, pointing out that it worked out at 0.6kg per week per person in the county.

Further, the free paper this message was in, is a weekly 0.15kg. Made me think twice before getting too impressed too quickly. Better than nothing, but perhaps a ways to go?

But just in case, I'll also await next week to see if there is more to the way the numbers get crunched than meets the eye.

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