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A great lead kindly provided by Junkeeter Anita of Writing Services:


WHEN: Entry D/L Jan 22 2011
WHAT: From their blurb:

This competition is aimed at creatives and students of all ages who are resident in the UK. Using Priplak polypropylene you are asked to create a product, an innovative packaging solution or a promotional incentive. Part of the brief is to think about re-usability, durability, multi-usage and multi-functional.

The designs may be an innovative solution to an existing product or common everyday item, but will be judged on creativity, originality, and functionality, cost effectiveness and use of the material.


There will be three categories: My Plastic ‘Packaging’ Idea, My Plastic ‘Product’ Idea and My Plastic ‘Incentive/Promotional’ Idea. First prize for each category is £500 cash and the overall winner will receive an additional £500. Shortlisted finalists will get showcased at an exhibition in May in front of potential clients. In addition, the organisers will be scanning all entries looking for potential opportunities for products or incentives to be developed to market on a royalty arrangement basis.

HOW MUCH: My fave... no mention of money!
COMMENTS: Possibly somewhat restricted by having to focus on reuse (and sussing out the plastic specified in the brief), we will for sure be having a go here. But if you do enter via us telling you... and win... make sure to give us a mention at least:)

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Thanks for the mention Peter, good luck with it ;-)