Friday, December 03, 2010

Polishing 'Things Unduly Receiving Dominant Support'

I used (and still do, a bit) work in ad/marketing.

And nothing was surer than night followed day than when a new broom swept into a client's marketing department, they'd just have to make their mark.

Sort of a territorial marking thing.

And nothing made us happier at the agency, because a) it was more money, and b) having lived with marketing stuff more intimately, for longer, we were bored with the 'same old, same old', too.

That the consumer was probably fine with it, and would be for years, really didn't come in to it.

So it's kind of interesting that, when opportunity to do so much more knocks, the focus of gazing still seems to be pretty much at the collective navel.

Of course, I now have extra, vested interests in thinking beyond the box, about the box and how the box can be reused...

'In a consumer-centric world governed mostly by a desire to get an end benefit, while a new look may serve those within an organisation more, a desire that actually adds value… to the purchaser… is more likely to drive extra sales.

Boosting recyclability is of course great, but creating reuse keeps the brand in the home, and heart… not out via the bin. Much as that may tick a tonnage box.'

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