Wednesday, March 21, 2012

EXPO - Green Business Showcase - Hereford

I'm a sucker for a show.

Despite not having as such, 'a budget', and so far selling little, if anything to cover costs, I still get seduced easily into various schemes that offer the promise of 'selling' further and wider.

And so it is that we shall be standing at (as kindly supplied in a blurb invite from our MP) the following:

Hosted by Herefordshire Greenlinks, H&W Chamber of Commerce and Herefordshire Council

When: Monday 2nd April 2012 @ 7pm

Venue: The Courtyard, Edgar Street, Hereford, HR4 9JR.
This is a public event where the Secretary of State for Business will answer our questions about economy, business, jobs, prosperity, and environment in Herefordshire. Individual tickets can be booked through The Courtyard on 01432 340 555

There will be a Green Business showcase of innovative local enterprises in the foyer;  anyone who would like a stand in the showcase contact H&W Chamber of Commerce 0845 641 1641 xt 235.  To post your question to Dr Cable, 2 weeks in advance

6.00 pm                   Exhibition Opens
7.00 pm                   Main House Theatre; Introductions and outline of the event; 
                               Herefordshire Greenlinks, H&W Chamber, Jesse Norman MP
7.15 pm                   Question Time with Vince Cable starts
8.20 pm                   Question Time finishes
8.20-9.00 pm            Exhibition re-opens

Cost: This is a public event -tickets are £5. 

Do come along and say hi.

Not quiet sure what I will be presenting, as they are still vague on what the space will be, or can handle. I am working on a 2m x 1m footprint and not much else. So nothing fancy. RE:tie for sure, plus maybe a few of the best ideas made up.

I also have been prevailed upon to pose a question to the guest of honour, and it may be viewed, with others from fellow exhibitors, here. Though I have been given a version of it that has been supplied back, editted for me to intone.

On that, we shall see.

I am hoping, for the investment, at least a cheery wave from a government big-wig (and, who knows, a helpful answer to my question), plus a bit of support from the media who will doubtless be follwing in his wake.

Not promising so far, as the only ones to call to ask what we are doing are the ad sales guys trying to flog a slot in the supplements they are all producing. I did ask if editorial may be interested, but they seemed less than keen to transfer the call.

With luck, bells and whistles on the day may see some coverage.

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