Monday, March 26, 2012

Water, water everywhere...

...and the problem is, mostly where it is is not where it is needed.

Or when.

The current glorious weather we are enjoying is to be enjoyed, but it does carry a caution.

Clear blue skies... means no rain.

No rain for too long means parched gardens.

And... hosepipe bans.

Of course, the issues are not so clear-cut as often made out:

And hence, speaking of basic engineering, I am proud to bring you the latest Junkk creation, albeit one for personal use.

What have the Romans ever done for us, eh? The Martin Mk #1 aquifer is now up and running. Well, not yet as there is not a drop falling from the sky. But when it does, I am having as much as I can to keep for when needed. And those years of keeping old guttering from the roof renovation.... vindicated!

Raising an interesting question. Is the term 'hosepipe ban' in any way a legal definition? Because I will be seeking to use this water if necessary to water the garden... with a hosepipe, from such bowsers (boning up on all the round and square gutter capture devices as we speak, to get every drop off the house roofing too). No issues with my neighbours, but what if some nanny state numptie decides to stick an oar in?

At least the spirit of Heath Robinson is alive and well still.

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