Thursday, April 19, 2012

"All the reviews that are fit for printers"

Ok, that one was a stretch as headlines go:)

However, it still serves to headline a nice story for today's blog.

A wee while ago our two Epson C900 Lasers were starting to show their age. This age being back to them helping with the first Gutenburg Bible run, was considerable.

Sadly, they were 'sort of' working. Even sadder, in the world of printers, 'sort of' doesn't quite cut it really.

These days we barely print, but when we do, it's nice if the page looks 100%.

That is where the nice folk at Cartridge World Hereford came in.

Learning of my plight at a recent 'do', and with a branch in Ross-on-Wye, they kindly offered to see what they could do.

Well, I am glad to say they have done a lot. Sadly not a full rescue, but in this case '2 into 1' did go.

And now, with luck for a while, I again have at least one laser that is operating on the best from components salvaged from two. And really, after all this time, you really can't ask for more than that, can you?

Had a good chat when it was dropped off, and the news for the future is less good. Seems build qualities are really heading downhill further, and even top brands are really only designed to last... 3 years. That... is a heck of a short built-in obsolescence period. Not to mention the cost of consumables.

Still, a nice RE:pair story for the day, I am happy to say!

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