Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Sundae Treat -

I was about to hit the garden.

But duty calls, and no good deed must go unpunished:)

Because, imagine my surprise, and joy, to open up emails and find this Twitter post had been uploaded:

What if product = packaging? Let's (re)tie these 2 tweets together with help from & :

Now, how cool is that?
Better yet, how even cooler is the (so far) 86 likes and 18 shares? Or 10 nice comments (well, a few snarky 'why bothers?' from the inevitable downer crews Er, it's free stuff that would otherwise be wasted.. saving money and plastic)

So, thank you ReUseConnection... you have made my Sunday! And thank you nice ReUseConnection readers. As I am sure you will gather/have gathered, where they find and share great ideas, so does in complement, and for every good idea we can also offer the means to add the data to make sure it 'measures' up, literally. Fully searchable on the database across many parameters: dimensions, colours, materials... all you need to make it work and marry different bits of junk to make Junkk! Plus get inspired to see how designed-in reuse can be a great alternative between reduction and recycling (ps: we share repair too).

Of course, now the real work begins.

I am betting most who saw that, and may come to the site, are from the US. And while we have a slight 'fix' (popping in the HR9 postcode) to access the site in the UK, it is not ideal. Plans must be moved up the schedule.

I have also noticed they have located RE:tie's own twitter account which a) I had forgotten about, b) haven't updated in an age and c) can't now recall the password to access.

All jobs for next week. Maybe even a new newsletter is due, now we're again get Government and International community notice and support. I may yet attract the help I need to really get the site working as it should again... maybe even self-sustaining? A man can dream.

For now... garden... well, after the BBC 'Be Your Own Boss' application, due by midnight tonight.

Holiday, what holiday?

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