Monday, April 30, 2012

Scraping the top of the barrel

A little idea/tip for the day.

Was having my lunchtime juice and ended up, as you do, polishing off the juice box.

Keen to get the most from this, I walloped the top and swirled and stuff, but some still remained inside.

So I yanked the top off.

This gives you some interesting componentry, from a multi-piece cap pourer to the box.

All present reuse promise, but here I look at 'waste'.

Because that cap arrangement intrudes down a wee bit, at least 2mm, into the box body.

Yank the whole deal out (and keep it... you never know) and you get a fair bit more juice out (see pix).

Heck, you may also even make the folk at the recyclers a bit happier at one less contaminant in the recycling waste stream to address.

Win, win.. win. I'll drink to that:)


mrs green @myzerowaste said...

HA! Love it; these little frugal tips that help our bank balance as well as the planet. I'm one who likes to water down the last of the shampoo or washing up liquid as well as cut open tubes off anything from toothpaste to glue ;)

Nathalie said...

Hi, To get every single drop of liquid out of cartons I nip a corner off with scissors :-D