Friday, April 26, 2013

Croutons and/or soup in your soup?

This article caught my eye at first for professional RE:tie reasons:

Certainly worth sharing anyway as a company looks at innovative ways to address packaging and reduce waste.

But, as you'll gather, I also got interested again in matters of 'degrading' as a mooted option, and the pros and cons of this.

The film 'Trashed' sprung to mind, which was reviewed here, and also the open-ended discussion on plastic degradation here.


Glad I got inspired and found the time to pop a new post up.

Especially as, in so doing, I happened to notice the site stats for the blog alone.... two days ago there were almost 500 visitors in none day!


If folk are liking the content I'd bet see about getting more and keeping it fresher.

Don't forget the FaceBook page is always worth a scope too.

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