Wednesday, May 15, 2013



WHEN: Open-ended
WHAT... MORE?: From the site:

Do you have an idea for a new type of packaging with paper, pulp or cardboard as the material used? Maybe an idea on how we can be smarter at handling packaging? We want you to put your idea to the test in our Sustainable Packaging challenge, the first open innovation challenge in the Wood for Sweden arena.
Several large companies in the paper and packaging industry in Sweden are supporting the challenge and they want to hear your ideas. The best ideas are presented to a jury and will be given the opportunity to be presented to the market. If your idea wins, it will enter the development process and you might one day see it in regular use.

Although Swedish-based, we have been assured the contest is open to anyone and everyone no matter where they live, and the commitment to creating an English language version now confirms this.

HOW MUCH: Free! Just as we like it*
COMMENTS: *Note the FAQ/rules, especially bearing in mind IP issues. This will be open-source, so any patents, etc will be forfeit. There is a chance of winning an iPad, but a great idea can of course lead to a lot more than that.

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