Monday, September 16, 2013

enviROI in action - I hope, in a good way

With that most dreaded of news periods now underway, conference season, the idiocies are already gaining headlines.

First out the traps are the Lib Dems though, possibly, not in the best, or at least most coherent of ways...

This one rather highlighting another area of interest of mine, namely the pursuit of green wonderousness whilst at the same time driving population increase and economic growth via consumer consumption.

However another fresh from the oven has taken my fancy for a blog, and that regards enviROI

It's inspired by this:

Because, you see, even if the new installation had made things cooler, £4.5M may have achieved more in GHG reduction if applied elsewhere.

I had been pondering this already as I noted my trusty LPG Volvo was attracting a car tax of £180, while newer (and doubtless more fuel efficient) diesel equivalents were seeing much lower charges. Thing is, there's not just mpg and what comes out the pipe. I just wonder what it 'cost' in GHGs to make a new car vs. keeping a perfectly good one going?

Anyway, I hope what follows may prove a more positive story to conclude with.

Nearby is some social housing managed by the council. Safe to say they are 'of an era'. Well, just lately there has been a hive of activity in and around them.

It started with new roofs, but there was also a great deal of loft insulation too. I can only applaud, especially if the taxpayer is covering the utility bills too. Still great if on the tenant's tab as subsidy direction goes.

But now I am watching, as some frankly amazing retroactive wall insulation is going up too. No cavity walls here, and frankly the size means internal cover would restrict area too much.

It's not just the nature of it, but the ease and speed of putting it up. Cut with a saw like butter, and then nail through... wham bam. In the pictures you see, that wall was covered in 30 minutes.

I await to see the exterior cover (and will add a pic), which will obviously need to be impact and weather resistant.

But as an effort to add value to home and planet's future, I'd say such as this is much more worthwhile than all the stupid games the politicians (and some media) are playing with big ticket, dubious cradle to grave, low enviROI projects still, now, when money is tight.

Update Nov 1 2013

Having asked, a contractor has kindly stuck their card through the door.
They came a fair old way, suggesting such services are thin on the ground.

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