Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Health Notice (Personal) - OT

Been off the radar a wee while. Sorry.

Not the best of reasons. 

I was a few weeks ago struck down with a massive (not bragging, it's a medical term) pulmonary embolism.

Good news is I survived. However things are still on road to recovery and a may need to be taken a tad more slowly in future.

At worst a few doses of listed rat poison a day. Could be a lot worse.

But I share mainly as a caution to all you keyboard warriors out there.

No spring chicken me, but I was deemed 'young' for such a thing.

And they are pondering causes. 

No obvious medical indicators... haven't flown for years, non-smoker... etc.

However, they are rather keen on the fact that I sit at a desk, looking at a screen, typing all day.

Not good.

Hard to avoid these days, but not good.

So... take it from me... frequent breaks... get up, take a stroll (or in complement such as the daft interim measure in the photo... I am wondering about designing a pedal-enabled seat that avoids DVTs whilst letting you power your PC) and... don't cross your legs! (this was impressed on me, with a slap, by any nurse walking past the end of my bed - apparently it's very bad).

As Spock would say... 'live long and prosper'!


Anonymous said...

Whoooah! Peter! Glad you're ok and still with us.

When I ran my one man network support business I made a decision to do 2 days a week low paid forestry work. Then a few years later I was knocked off my motorcycle one night and left in a tree with a broken spine.

I'm back on bikes now, but do a sedentary job in front of a computer and don't get out enough. So I'll heed your words and re-adjust my lifestyle again.

Stay safe and healthy

Rog Tallbloke

Peter said...

Dear Rog,

Thanks for the kind words... and if the story of my little 'excitement' and possible causes has in turn rung a few bells of caution again with you, then it was truly an OT post worth penning.

If you have sustained internal injury in the past be extra careful, as they did get interested in that. Even some 2 month old paintball bruises attracted attention!

I forgot to mention in the main piece the sheer coincidence of an old (as in the same class, XX years ago) being struck down by the exact same thing, the exact same week. So... not so rare then? But another slave to the screen day-long and nights, working in banking (so his medical scheme seems better than mine).

I note you mention 'one-man'... This is a major area to highlight. As a homeworker I start at 6am (still lying in at the moment) and go through often to mid-evening. Only breaks are a cup of tea or a sarnie at lunch, which I bring back up. This... is no good.

At least at work with colleagues you stop to chat, probably actually take coffee breaks and move about.

A big enough company and they may even worry about work station posture, chairs, etc. Here it's Viking cheapest all the way!

Alone there is also always that last email to finish, or blog to read.

This is no longer an option. Morning walks with the dog are great, but not enough (I now find). Every hour, on the hour... up and and about.

I even think that daft pedal contraption may not be so daft.

Actually thinking of designing a better integral one, maybe with a bum buzzer than goes off every hour to throw you off if too focussed on work.

Be well too, my friend. And any others reading. Some small investments in time can pay off big later on, trust me.