Friday, March 30, 2007


I was watching the BBC Breakfast News when a piece came on about a train crash enquiry/case.

They had of course wheeled out a spokesperson/victim, to whom our sympathies must be extended.

He seemed to be of the view that a fine of £10M will be appropriate. I fear I must question the logic of all this as an effective deterrent. While money is a great motivator, just how it works in ways to the decision makers in corporations is in question. Look at the famous Pinto case.

As I wrote:

How is a fine, of any size, or a company apology, going to act as a deterrent when individuals must have been culpable? Have there been any individual, career-related penalties?

Until people take responsibility, and are held truly accountable, I rather fear that all that's happening is money getting shunted to where it is really not going to do much use from where it could be better applied to rectify faults.

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