Friday, March 30, 2007

Dilemma Number 2

I like the Eden Project. I don't like some of the senior folk privileged enough to be running it, but hopefully they are just an arrogant green elite minority. But when they dragged me and our then Head of Prose & Comms Anita all the way to Cornwall to tell us how great they were and didn't need to work with us on reuse (oddly, I still see no great efforts on this emanating from there) as they knew a lot better, I was a bit miffed.

And so again I was struck by today's PR event on BBC Breakfast, with an eco-motor show held there. Now, there are some who may see a certain irony in trying to get people to drive to Cornwall to see a show about how cars pollute and emit, but there you go. It's probably more logical than the NEC or London, apart from the whole majority of the audience base getting there issue. Oh, well. It's the message that is important, see.

Anyway, a lot of car brands got to say their 'all we have time for' sales pitch to the microphone munchkin. Nothing much about bio fuels looking less optimal on food production, etc. At least we were spared the Prius. Maybe explaining how getting it there was worse for the environment in comparison to many other makes was a factor.

And at the end we had Green Guru Dick Strawbridge, who has also to find time in his busy schedule (doubtless why he drove and didn't take the train. Hey, that's why we did, though it was car sharing...ish) to respond to our outreach efforts. Admittedly this may not happen as he was part of my less than positive feedback on the SKY BIG Idea set-up, but we did try and get int touch in several ways way before that.

Nobly, he had driven there in his 20-year old chip-fat powered Land Rover, which promoted me to write and ask:

'What's the tax on Dick Strawbridge's 20 year old Land Rover these days? Are bio 4x4's exempt?'

Sadly, selling new cars is all they had time for. Anyone know? I just thought as an example of joined-up e-government it was a fair question.

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