Friday, March 30, 2007

The Fast Ark

I have a a rough guide to those worth working with, based on what I call The Fast Ark.

You can climb aboard and help row. You can be a passenger. Or you can be an anchor.

It is obvious that those in the last two categories are destined only to impede progress, and are hence not worth much at all, save as targets for persuasion and conversion to rowers.

I was pondering this as i read the following:

Only one in 40 officers free to answer calls

While one accepts certain reduced %ages are inevitable by 24/7 shifts and the need for coordination and logistical support, this does not look healthy.

Especially as I look at my new rate bill, with the costs kindly broken out.

What might be helpful, and concentrate the minds of those we vote into, and out of office to manage such things, might be a traffic light system for such services (like the food packaging one), where one can get an idea of who is rowing, who is coxing, who are passengers. And how effective all are in their contributions.

We'll be able to figure the anchors out for ourselves, I'd hazard.

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