Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Now I see why we must stop 4x4s at all costs!

Carbon emissions from power stations soar

Ironically, right next door...

Government to unveil greener cars plan

Right hand, meet left.

BBC - Emissions soar from UK generators


Anonymous said...

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Dave said...

Well noted - we are continually told that electicity is the clean fuel for now and the future. However, while we continue to generate most of it from a limited number of huge carbon burning sources (note that the 'bring back coal' lobby is already starting to rouse itself for the period post peak gas and peak oil), then the UK will continue to increase its CO2 output as the population grows and the demand for energy increases. Also, given the information that some 30%+ of all the electicity generated is actually wasted or lost during high voltage transmission, it makes even more sense to look at local renewables and localised power generation but I see little sign or intention from our Govt. that this is happening, or even ever going to happen.

No, almost all their effort is being targeted at those nasty gas guzzling 4X4s; applied unilaterally across the board whether used (ridiculously) for the Pimlico school run, or used (necessarily) for picking up a distressed lambing ewe halfway up a mountain in the Brecon beacons.

Left hand meet right hand? More like no hands and no bloody idea! Pathetic!

Silly me! I forgot; it very easily raises more revenue to fill Gord's coffers doesn't it.

I did smile at the line in the Tegleraff article that read -

'carbon emissions from road transport had increased by 9.6 per cent between 1900 and 2005 and this figure reflected a "specific increase in emissions from heavy goods vehicles and light goods vehicles".'

Although I'm not quite old enough to remember exactly, I'm fairly certain that 99.99% of the population didn't run cars, HGVs or LGVs in 1900 - in fact most had probably never even seen one! I suspect that emissions due to road transport have probably gone up by more like 99.6% since 1900.

He perhaps meant between 1995 and 2005? Whatever happened to proof readers?