Saturday, May 12, 2007

Also cures baldness, the ague, ill humours...

Global Cool is hot on carbon emissions

I just hope that you are right in the hope expressed in your second para.

Just reading the rest of the piece it struck me just how many of the
green elite 'ambassadors' already on board seemed to think nothing
of flying hither and thither in the name of saving the planet...
with it all being hunky-dory so long, one presumes, as it is 'offset'.

As someone who only cares about genuine efforts to reduce the
wasteful and/or not necessarily necessary consequences of
expanding, more affluent populations in a consumer driven global
economy, I remain to be convinced how genuine and/or effective
these efforts really are.

Especially when there's big money to be made dealing in green
as opposed to simply living it.

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