Saturday, May 12, 2007


BMW hopes M&S chief will lead the drive towards hydrogen

While the emission of water vapour (itself, I believe, a potential
greenhouse 'gas' ) is certainly to be encouraged as an alternative,
I do wonder about a commensurate commitment to the spirit of

Is there any reason this thing is six litres and 300bhp? Is it not possible
to create a safe, high-performance vehicle of more reasonable size?
I recently saw the Governator lob up in his US version of this...
in a 2-ton Humvee!

While one recognises the need for mobile test beds, one has to
wonder a bit about how genuine the green message is. Fine if it is filled
up and only used within range of the station (Mr. Rose, one presumes,
lives and works in the vicinity, otherwise he just got a massive petrol
Beemer to run around the country in), but what is the enviROI of the
hydrogen production considering the cost pressures?

It may not pollute on combustion but how does it rate to get to the
tank vs. other alternatives? Please reassure it's all thought
through as genuine green.

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