Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Ending on a high note

Life would be pretty boring if one had nothing but victories, but it is nice to cap a day off with a feeling that a few more nice things have happened than downers.

A long time ago I was a guest speaker at event organised by the National B2B Centre (a very useful networking group specialising in IT) of the University of Warwick, held at Aston Science Park.

It was a good event, well attended, with an appreciative audience who responded well to the message. It is telling that I have yet to write to all who gave me their cards... in March!

Anyway, one lady was kind enough to get in touch with me. Her name is Ranbir Sahota, and she has a PR agency called Vitis PR. She really liked what was trying to do, and simply offered to help... no strings.

Well, she has, and when she learned of the RE:tie went ahead and has brought it to the direct attention of some of her contacts, a couple of which I had sent to, but it seems in the mysterious way of media editorial receptions simply got nowhere near the addressee.

Anyway, she's another who I am proud to add to the list of those helping us, and who we will help in any way we can. Which in the absence of revenue is a little bit of profile on our pages.

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