Wednesday, May 09, 2007

When good links go bad

One, of many, things I am desperately keen to address is a proper media management system.

Not just because that would, at last, mean some serious ad revenue flowing through, but I can be responsive to opportunities (a good friend of has asked for a banner in a local section relevant to them, but I can't remove Google Adsense - which does offer some fair revenue - from the system as it is 'all or nothing'), but I can also impose some ethical publisher control.

This is important not just to maintain brand values, but to avoid being accused of the very thing I (don't accuse, but cock a wry eyebrow at on occasion, so for now let's call it...) 'note' some rather preachy media can be when they say such as flying is the work of the Devil, yet run an ad for a weekend in the Bahamas atop the piece. And I know you can't sail there and back and still enjoy a Mai-Tai on the beach in the time... though trying would be fun.

So I was disturbed to see an ad for Tesco Insurance on the site yesterday (unless it was e-related, which I didn't notice, so it wasn't very good if it was). And a few for less than eco-topics on my blog, too.

None were contradictory I guess, but I'd just prefer the ads on the site to be totally in keeping with what is being written about and, just as important, the values we espouse.

Now, how the heck do I get that across to a robot at Google central? I recall the fun my wife had trying to get a human at eBay recently.

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