Saturday, May 19, 2007

Getting Out & About

In terms of priorities, with all that is going on I seem to have a list 'yaaaaay long' of what to do first. Cloning self would be a good start.

However, pretty near the top, it seems obvious that while I have devoted so much time to RE:tie of late, has played second fiddle. I don't mean the site itself so much, which in theory is bubbling along on its own by being designed as a user-managed and evolving experience (exciting new features to come soon, though!), but promoting it.

For a long time I have been well aware of the potential of such sites as YouTube, MySapce, etc in offering routes to expose new markets to what we have on offer, especially as so much of it is stuff to 'DO', and is so visual. I'd also like to think we're pretty hip too, but by using that word I'm probably showing I'm not the guy to ride that particular wave.

Anyway, I was therefore grateful for this piece in BusinessWeek - Avoiding the MySpace Mistake - and even was moved to write to the author.

While my site is itself a budding social exchange, it is obvious to me that there are many opportunities for 'promotion' out there on sites such as MySpace, YouTube, etc.

The key is 'cutting through' and getting noticed, but in focusing on how to do that it would be all too easy to forget there are certain key considerations that need to be borne in mind, and this article was a valuable reminder of these.