Friday, May 18, 2007

Never mind the material. Just listen to the girl.

I too often get distracted by the blog, which really does get a tad 'earnest' itself at times, that I forget just how fun the estimable Grist can be.

So I can only direct you, with relish, at this, their review of Madge's latest incarnation, Earth Mother: And I Am a Recycled-Material Girl

Methinks she doth protesteth too darn after the band's wagon has rolled outta Dodge. And, it seems, perhaps with less than her usual skill.

I have no clue how to link to it as it came as an email, but here it is as received. Go to Grist and try and find it there if you fancy their links (which are many and, I'm sure, worthy, if only of note):

Madonna releases single to support Live Earth climate efforts

What is it about climate change that makes music ... suck? First we had Melissa Etheridge's "I Need to Wake Up," the earnest, Oscar-winning Inconvenient Truth anthem. Now we have Madonna's "Hey You," a somnolent single released this week in conjunction with Live Earth, the continents-spanning climate-awareness concerts planned for 7/7/07. While we can't complain about our favorite virgin's intentions -- the single is downloadable for free for a week, and Microsoft is donating 25 cents for each of the first million downloads to the Alliance for Climate Protection -- we can complain about her music. Because its vapid lyrics and "stripped-down, folksy" style suuuuck. Still, Live Earth's Kevin Wall called the release of the ballad, which Madge will perform at the London concert, "an incredible boost to our efforts to get people engaged in the environmental cause." And you should go download it! To support climate relief! Plus you might love it! In which case, ignore everything else we just said.

I wonder if they'll ask Bob Geldof what he thinks of it? Is it just me, or is Live Earth off to a less than glorious start even from the eco-side of the fence?

Awareness, people! Be aware, be very aware! And don't forget to buy the T-shirt.

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