Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ask, and you will... er... um...

A bit more water-borne fun & games with Newsnight

I prefer to 'watch' the PC feed the next day, but as seems to happen every so often it is pointing elsewhere. So it is hard to comment in detail.

And as I am also getting a pop-up when I do (on my PC, requiring me to log on from another) which says rather baldly, and unhelpfully, 'you are not allowed to comment' (er, why?) it gets even trickier.

So may I express a frustration with such posting efforts that when very pertinent questions do get asked, they almost inevitably do not get answered.

How about an on-air follow-up when it is obviously warranted and you have some nifty one-liners to pose?

I am still trying to understand how these floods are described by all levels of government from Dear Leader down as 'without precedent' and 'unable to predict', when I keep hearing that they have happened before (on Newsnight) and were predicted (Guardian Front Page).

Who doesn't know their facts, or is simply enhancing the truth?

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