Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I could do with some of that, couldn't I?

I was catching up on some tearsheets and came across A Life in the Day of the UK Wikipedia 'run-person', reading it with oddly mixed feelings.

Of course I'm jealous, because to have such passion and commitment 'as an unpaid volunteer' would certainly ease the burden a tad. Of course I do have a few (and growing) loyal folk who chip in, and it is much appreciated. But her level of input is... beyond the call.

If a little scary.

'Two years ago we had almost no income; this year our budget will hit $6m. We receive donations but we need more money to pay for servers, among other things – we have 500 servers now. Advertising is out of the question: it’s a moral issue for us. So we’re seeking sponsorship from private companies, who could give us shares, and we’re going to ask the EU for subsidies.'

So advertising is immoral, but sponsorship from private companies isn't. Hmnn. Plus if I got a grant from the EU it would need to be without strings, but I certainly won't say no if they are up for that.

As for: "It’s possible one day I’ll be more proud of Wikipedia than of the kids", I'll always be proud of and the legacy it may leave my kids, but it will never come close to them in my heart; as they are flesh and blood and already showing me what the future can be.

I guess that's the difference between us. That, and when I find the money, I'll gladly share it with anyone who helps make the site better.

Sadly, I find too many charities, not-for-profits and volunteer groups to be stocked with people waaaay to scary to deal with.

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