Saturday, September 01, 2007

Bin Money

I was listening to the radio yesterday on the way to a meeting, when Martin Lewis' moneysavingexpert slot came on the Jeremy Vine Show.

I'm attuned even more to this as I've noticed some sign-ups on that cite this as the source.

He certainly gets a lot of tips and tricks to share, which probably explains his success. Though I remain at little confused as to the way his business model works, falling as it does between a few I'm aware of. It's free of course, but also makes play of being ad free. However there's a lot of promotion for various offers flying about, plus his own products, such as books, via our very own public broadcast system. I must see how to get in on that act.

Anyway, they had a bit where folk phoned in with their tips, and I was aching to call in with my own, as several were eco in nature. Frankly most were a bit naff, if not daft (like some on our ideas pages!).

But they really liked one guy's list which, amongst others, involved swiping cans out of people's recycling boxes and selling them to recyclers.

Now I am not sure about the legality of that (mini-totting?), but it is telling that what 'we' are asked/required to do for free is recognised to provide a significant income from those who collect from us.

I wonder how much more people would recycle if the profit motive was payed up.. and upon?

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